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FIMR for Healthy Start Programs

New to FIMR? Looking to strengthen collaboration between your local FIMR and Healthy Start site? Here are some tools and resources to help you get started.

This handy one page document provides an overview of FIMR and explains the process. 

This two page publication provides an overview of the FIMR process, role of CRT and CAT members, and suggested team members. 

FIMR and Healthy Start have had a collaboration spanning years. An evaluation of NFIMR conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that local health departments were two times more likely to report progress in meeting goals and objectives for pregnant women if they had eitehr a FIMR or another perinatal initiative (PI). And, if both FIMR and a PI, such as Healthy Start, worked together, they were nine times more likely to report progress. This remarkable synergestic relationship can be a major benefit to Healthy Start communities.

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