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FIMR Overview

FIMR for Title V Directors!

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a valuable tool that can enhance your Title V Needs Assessment. Here are some publications and resources that can help you start a FIMR in your region. 

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FIMR & Healthy Start

New to FIMR? Looking to strengthen collaboration between your local FIMR and Healthy Start site? Here are some tools and resources to help you get started.

What's Happening


September 22, 2015 — Archived slides and discussion of the new National Center for Fetal, Infant and Child Death Review funded by MCHB to combine NFIMR and CDR technical assistance centers.

FIMR & HS Epic Center Webinar Recording

September 21, 2015 — This "Ask The Expert" Webinar looks at FIMR & PPOR, two data processes to help Healthy Start Sites improve population health.

Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators Webinar

September 8, 2015 — Despite major advances in medical care, challenges in maternal, infant, and child health still exist in the United States. However, by putting evidence-based practices and processes into action, pregnancy outcomes and maternal, infant, and child health can be improved.

Summer Webinar Series #2

July 28, 2015 — Community violence is a preventable public health issue shaped by many factors, including racism. Violence impacts our overall health and well-being and prevents communities from realizing their full potential. This APHA webinar is part of a summer webinar series looking at race, place, and preventing violence.

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